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Eagle Pass / British Columbia


Andesnow is a Snowmobile Adventure company located in the Araucania Region, Chile.

Moving around the country, seeking the best POWDER through Glaciers, Mountains and Volcanoes.

Small groups
more powder

We will take you into the BEST TERRAIN that Chile offer, active volcanoes surrounded with millenarian Araucaria and Lenga forest. It's a Jurassic experience!!

We know how important is for you FRESH & UNTRACKED POWDER, our groups are up to 4 riders.

Discover the Patagonia with us in this RIDING ADVENTURE that will blow your mind crossing Glaciers, Mountain and Volcanoes.


lifetime ExpeRIENCE

Our mission is to provide the riders an epic adventure, we can customize a package that fit in your expectations.


We will set you up with our last generation snowmobiles to get the best of the day. Security is our priority, each day is planned with the highest safety standards.

Taking you to the marvelous shredding terrains with dry powder.


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